The Art of Broken Creativity Done Exactly F-up

Last night around 10pm, I opened up my text editor for day two of my 500+ words post challenge.

Knowing I doubled that goal on day one, I reassured myself that the next post would be a walk in the park.


So what went wrong?

First of all, I came home late in the evening after a twelve hour work day. Spent the morning primarily with the final prep of two workshops from 1pm to 5pm. Two hours each. No breaks. My attention span and energy level in the last hour or so dropped like a fly hitting an electric mosquito trap. Obviously evaluated the sessions with the client’s executive who agreed that some pause between the workshops would have increased both our sharpness. Nevertheless, both sessions yielded the anticipated outcomes. Both from an end-users’ input perspective as their positive level of involvement and commitment.

So just after 5.30pm, I hit the Dutch highway that’s a traffic nightmare on Thursdays.

Excuses already, eh?

Well no, just using a typical on-site customer visit to write about a part of my consulting life.

After a delicious roti meal while watching the news from the sofa, I went upstairs to my study/work room to process my inbox that got flooded with dozens of piled up mails during the day. Boy oh boy, I really wish people start using different communication methods other than email. Yammer or Slack, anyone?

Almost 10pm. Two hours left to complete my goal for day two. What to write? Come to think of it now, I could and perhaps should have picked the story I’m writing right now.

But nooo, I had this idea stuck in my head to write my ABC of Consulting. Easy, right? Simply 26 unique starting letters to freely associate the first word that popped up in my mind instantly. So I started off:


Damn, my brain froze at ‘D’. Come to think of it, Damn would have been a perfectly acceptable word for D 😉

Alright. I prepopulated D till Z and typed the word in case a meaningful association did pop up.

F. (no, I didn’t fill in that F-word that truly came to mind 😉
G. Gee, no idea.
H. Ha, easy! Helpful.
I. Integer. Oops, isn’t that a bad translation from Dutch? Turned out, yeah: Integrity.

And so on.

Think I barely managed to get 50% associated right away, so it started to feel unnatural when forcefully thinking about silly letters like K (easy for Dutch words though hehe), X and Y.

Time was ticking and only at 150 words or so.

Hmm, a new idea emerged. What if I add a catch phrase after each word? Yeah, that felt good.

A. Analytic Aim your brain on the goal with your heart at the right place
B. Brave Challenge the status quo by asking the hard questions, softly
C. Creative Think out of the box to change how things get done better
D. Doer Plan & Do, which includes delegating to achieve quality results

Oh good, achieve quality results. Great for Q.

Q. Quality Check & Act to (slightly) over-deliver what you’ve planned to do.

Then couldn’t resist the temptation to open my web browser and quickly research on this Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) management instrument.

Boorrrrring (yet handy and proven useful)

Nearly midnight, my eyes are getting weary {whistling King of Queens TV tune song} now.

F-it. I need my 6+ hour sleep and couldn’t publish an unfinished post.

So I closed OneNote. Hit the hay sack. Woke up at 7am. Wrote this piece in under 1 hour.

Time to get ready for another day at the office with tons of end-user requirements from yesterday’s workshops to write out. That’ll definitely end up in way over 1000 words but does that, well, count?

What's your thought on this topic?