Increase quantity to improve quality of writing

Just stared at the last publication date on my personal blog here about consulting.

My goodness, almost one year passed without a single post.

Last night, I read this post about some guy’s lessons learned from writing over 800,000 words in two years. That’s nearly 1100 words daily while he initially set his goal to 500 words a day.

Now I prefer quality over quantity every single day, though came to realize that increasing the quantity of my posts will most likely improve the quality of my future publications. After all, practice makes perfect and I’m still searching for my tone of voice; especially since English isn’t my native language and yet I set one long term goal as big bet to publish my science fiction book in English before I turn 40.

Yikes, just 13 months left.

New short term goal: write a 500+ words post … daily!

So here we go, setting a new short term goal to actually write and publish a blog post of at least 500 words every single day. No: hitting backspace (except correcting typos as I just did when writing this next word) rephrasing. Also no: wasting time by fiddling with SEO shizzle. No endless searching for the perfect featured image, no procrastination by checking social media or email. Just writing as if you’re right in front of me and we’re having a blast with one of the most easy-going conversations in our lives.

OK, just copied and pasted above text in Microsoft Word to see how many words we’re at already. Yeah yeah I know, we wouldn’t stop in the middle of our conversation and count how many words we’ve exchanged already. True that, amigo. It’s just that besides finding my tone of voice, I’m also looking for the right text editor with the least distractions possible. Sadly, my favorite program (OneNote) lacks a word counter. That’s probably the only feature missing for my new goal.

By the way, to make our conversation a two-way street:

What’s your goal, big or small, for say the next week or month?
(stop reading and drop your answer in the comment box now 🙂

Oh wow, that’s a great goal you’ve set! (of course I don’t know what your goal is yet, but work with me here). So tell me, what motivated you to set this goal?

Good stuff!

Makes me wonder too what the hell I was thinking when setting those 5 big bets, so let’s revisit them:

1) Go to Africa to finally learn to shoot some damn good photos

Why Africa? Simply because it’s the only continent I haven’t traveled to yet. My jaw (or is it mouth?) drops every time when seeing those stunning video clips shot in South Africa. Or Madagscar. Photography used to be a hobby and I could really use some high quality, authentic photos for my presentation decks without paying for one-in-a-dozen stock photo.

Maybe I just use my new mobile phone, a Microsoft Lumia 950 which takes excellent photos and also comes with this geeky feature called Continuum. Basically it turns my mobile into a pc-like desktop when wirelessly connected to a Miracast-compatible TV/screen or docked to a $99 box that’s still in backorder. I’m not sure yet why I share you this level of detail, but my gut feeling tells me that this Windows 10 Continuum for Phone thingy will transform the way we work and communicate while travelling.

Mobility Pur Sang if you’d ask me.

2) Offer my Sci-Fi trilogy for free, part I around Christmas

The reason to offer my upcoming science fiction books for free is simple: spread ideas for a brighter future as broad as possible.

Considering my busy work schedule lately, I’m only doubtful to hit my deadline. But who knows, maybe this summer I’ll start spitting out daily posts with 2000+ words as chapter. Another challenge: I use a pseudonym (just in case the more philosophic layers are initially seen as plain crazy, like the scene with a moneyless society in a post-capitalism world), so it’ll be hard to proof if I live up this promise without giving away my alter ego straight up.

3) Get my book(s) transcribed for the silver screen

Obviously I need to complete the prior goal first before I can work on this goal. So not much to update on this one, except I’m already pondering if I’ll find a professional screen writer or try it myself. Reminds me of a long outstanding draft post ‘Captivate like Spielberg since you tell Sci-Fi stories too’ since the moral of the story there is: focus on only one or two things you excel in, but not everything to get something done right.

4) Learn a new language, either Chinese or programming

Believe it or not, but I did start a basic course of Mandarin-Chinese. Still stuck at the first chapter to pronounce the different tone heights right. Difficult shit I tell. Also dove into some PHP programming, but nothing substantial.

If I ever gonna learn some programming, it’ll be (ro)bots with AI.

Let me slip in here an example of one of my philosophic layers: I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we find out that humans are programmed robots already, only biologically constructed from flesh and blood with DNA-coding instead of steel with bits and bytes. I mean, a large part of the world seems to panic about Artificial Intelligence while whichever process developed into humans at least ensured that no (wo)man would live forever. So I’m pretty convinced Mother Nature will find a way as well to halt AI or us; whatever comes first.

5) Start a nonprofit org. to help charities with (tech) innovation

Imagine there’s some manufacturer, probably in an Asian country, that’ll develop a budget phone for say under $100 with this Continuum functionality as mentioned in #1. Wouldn’t it be so awesome? Any person could acquire it, in whatever business/charity model makes most sense, to get online for learning new skills, interacting with people around the world, growing its network and opportunities to get the most out of his or her own life, and of its family and friends.

Most required technologies and models are already available: mobility solutions, real-time translation with Skype calls, global web connectivity by internet providers that’ll offer “free” access (but please as long as they respect everyone’s privacy, though I sadly notice millennials care less and less about their privacy) and the list goes on and on.

Tons of tech suppliers already donate online services and digital products truly free to charity, so I’d love to connect those parties with a nonprofit organization in complete transparency. Heck, I’d even post every single bill, invoice and reimbursement online for anyone to check my/our charitable activities.

In closing: a copy to Word just ‘told’ me this post is over 1100 words already.

Time to call it a night.

Still wondering if I’m doing the right thing to focus more on quantity till at least the end of this year. Oh well, we’ll see if quality does improve indeed. At least I didn’t edit a single phrase.

Just write, write and write.

And truth be told, that felt a helluva lot better than staring for hours at a big white empty screen with a blinking cursor.


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