Suffering from Jupiter Ascenderitis Syndrome

Last night, Jupiter Ascending featured on my Smart TV’s movie playlist. Both for personal entertainment purposes as research for my upcoming blog post and science fiction book.

After two hours of special effects wrapped in a story with more twists than Chubby Checker, I came to realize that most of my drafts suffer from a similar syndrome which I’ve dubbed  Jupiter Ascenderitis.

The Jupiter Ascenderitis Syndrome is obviously no official illness, but more like a curse. The Curse of Knowledge. The film maker duo, now known as The Wachowskis who definitely earned their stripes in science fiction with a welcome philosophical touch when they released The Matrix in 1999, crammed too much information in one single publication. Quite a pity since the underlying intelligence, whether true or false, encloses fascinating theories about the ancient history of mankind and the most important secret which is …

Oh shit, my background alarm bell just alerted me that 30 minutes have past already since I’ve started writing this experimental post. Yep, you’re in the middle of my experiment to publish whatever I’ve written after exactly 1 hour. I figured it’s the only sure way to publish again. At my fresh start this year, I promised to publish a new article every last Sunday of the month. Already missed my deadlines for February and March which sucks. In about 10 minutes , a more intrusive sound will indicate the last quarter kicked in. Followed by a nuclear alarm sound at the last 5 minutes mark. When the online timer counted down from 1 hour, digital hands will clap which is my cue to slam the Publish button.

Alright, I better sum up my main points:

🔶 Stick to one and only one central topic without too many twists and turns
🔶 Scribble away, just write and write without enabling your internal editor
🔶 Stop aiming for perfection, so let it go when good is good enough

Good chance I’ll edit this post a gazillion times after publication, but for now it’ll have to do.

Also remind me to finish my current drafts first before editing this one. There’s some really interesting articles coming up. And that’s exactly my curse of knowledge: so many thoughts and ideas with unique perspectives. But I have to learn to separate them one post at a time. Five minutes left now: the limited time to add links and some graphics.

Dammit, a ticking clock with deadlines really suck.

Guess that exactly summed up the moral of the story in Jupiter Ascending.


What's your thought on this topic?