Moving Mike’s Mind: reorganizing heavy stuff & fluff

Mike's Mind in a boxAlmost New Year. Time to reorganize.

Reorganizing my online thoughts to be precise.
What better way to start from scratch?

Admittedly, throwing stuff away isn’t particularly my strong suit. Physical relics still linger around my home office. Ranging from my CD-collection with house music from the mid-80s and late 90s to the dozens of 100 MB floppies next to my ultra modern Iomega ZIP-drive.

So please don’t even suggest deleting all the bits and bytes cluttering my hard drives and virtually unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, I decided to move Mike’s Mind on more personal matters to another domain.

Heavy stuff though.

Switching engines that is.
For content, not cars.

Since 2007, BlogEngine.NET powers all my sites hosted on GoDaddy (Deluxe Plan). As it turned out quickly, a not so happy marriage between these two. Story of my life I guess, despite many years of counseling and even modifying the core as IT-guy with plenty of soft skills, enough tech know-how, yet insufficient programming experience. Hence I filed for divorce once I’ve found what may be the new love of my life …

Official GoDaddy ads with their renowned "Deluxe Girls"

… WordPress, but still hosted in GoDaddy’s “deluxe” mansion with the same Windows that this ex-Microsoftie prefers. After my struggle to let GoDaddy stare at her giant jetpack, I came to the preliminary conclusion that perhaps I’ve divorced from the wrong party. Dammit, sometimes yours truly is such a sucker for eye candy. (Just kidding. Really)

On the bright side, I’ve fixed it which means a fully functional blog, hands-on material for the next post and lesson #1:

Only drive to low-priced products and services if your client just cares about sexy cheap stuff

Seriously, you get what you pay for most of the time. One of my compeers says it best when he’s referring to the low pay for sysadmins in healthcare: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Fortunately, I work for this Dutch IT company1 that treats its employees very well to ensure we keep doing happily what we’re hired for: helping our customers succeed.

In this sense, everyone fulfills a consulting role, regardless what you printed on your business card. Teachers, engineers, administrators, secretaries, doctors, friends and family. You name it. Even our office cleaning lady advised me some Greek restaurant on Crete when we chatted about holiday destinations. True, I still haven’t checked out her recommendation but that’s both the beauty as the backside of the consulting coin: the receiver can do whatever (s)he wants with it.

So in essence, yes indeed: you too are a consultant, welcome to the club!

That’s exactly why I’ve moved all my unrelated stuff and started with a clean slate here on my juiced up site where from now on, it’s all about consulting with notes from the field to:

Help fellow consultants like you succeed across the board

Always remember: your client’s success is your success. Probably not on the short term all the time, but definitely in the long run. And that’s exactly our aim here: long term success for your clients and you as trusted advisor.

In closing, why Consulting As Navigator?

In-car system (Tesla Motors)

Simply because navigators work as beautiful metaphor for the consultative core function: safely guide the client in the driver’s seat from its departure point to its destination with useful information, timely warnings and alternative routes.

Consultants alert clients immediately like modern navigators notice roadblocks or traffic jams in real-time and offer drivers the new optimal route to avoid stressful delays. Consultants warn clients to slow down ahead of time like interconnected GPS-systems detecting speed traps to avoid costly tickets.

Top-notch consultants engage2 like innovative navigators, seamlessly integrated into many subsystems such as Tesla’s3 fully customizable dashboard and multi-functional touch screen, clearly showing: battery range, unclosed doors, parking distances and obstacles, engine efficiency and optimal configuration just to name a few. All the essential controls embedded into the steering wheel, directly accessible to the driver. And yes, including the airbag to avoid losing face if you catch my drift, since consultants usually work as external subcontractors: your client’s insurance in the unhoped-for event when the driver crashes its expensive vehicle. So brace yourself as scapegoat and sacrifice your ego, even though (s)he neglected your advice. Moreover, your ego should have stayed out of doing business in the first place.

Unless you’ve programmed your navigation system to shout “Told you so, dumbass!” every time you miss a turn.

  1. My opinions here are solely my own and yada yada yada that’s why it’s filed under personal notes with a wink 
  2. See ^1, though surely my employer wouldn’t mind if you’d check out our job openings like this one or this one 
  3. Yes, my love for Tesla’s Model S is no secret. But no, I drive a 2011 Audi A3 Sportback w/ 1.4L eco-engine 🐢  


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