Plans and predictions for 2015 in technology

First of all: happy new year!

Happy new year! Enjoy this short article about predictions for 2015 in technology

Yep, yours truly is two weeks overdue since it took some time to get all the blood out of my alcohol system.

All jokes aside, I need to underline the importance of safe driving.¬†After all, this blog uses a navigator as metaphor so please drive sober. Speaking of analogies, starting this year I’ll write about¬†seemingly complex topics but then explained simpler¬†using¬†metaphors.¬†For instance about all the buzz around cloud computing and specifically Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) compared to housing and hotels.

No New Year’s resolutions, just high-level goals and ideas¬†for 2015

You see,¬†I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because¬†if you wanna stop bad habits or start good ones; just do it right away, regardless the time of year (lighting a ciggie as we speak). However, setting goals definitely helps to¬†achieve plans. And boy oh boy do I have goals¬†for the upcoming year(s). Here’s the¬†shortlist for¬†my blog’s plans:

  1. Publish a major article every last Sunday of the month, at least two reprinted in (online) magazines
  2. Listen even more carefully to provided feedback and actually act upon it, so please enlighten me
  3. Attract potential coworkers, clients, subcontractors and/or investors for innovative ideas (see below)
  4. Navigate new territory outside my current comfort zone, such as the venture capital-charity paradox
  5. Share much shorter posts instantly, based on notes from the field during my day-to-day job.

Big bold bets to accomplish in 40 months

Okay, some may¬†sound like New Year’s resolutions after all, but¬†I also like to think (or dream) big and set crazy high ambitions. Insane enough to inspire, realistic enough to accomplish before the big 4-0 bitch slaps¬†me in slightly¬†40¬†months. So when reflecting on¬†a great 2014 from a personal level, I’ve set these¬†big goals¬†for 2015 and beyond:

  1. Go to Africa for a wild-life photography course and/or charitable work
  2. Offer my SciFi¬†trilogy for free, part I around Christmas though unsure what year ūüėČ
  3. Arrange to transcribe one of my books for the silver screen (depending on #2)
  4. Learn a new language (either Chinese, Russian or programming hehe)
  5. Start a nonprofit organisation to help charities with (tech) innovation.

Of course I’m aiming to accomplish all five,¬†though¬†realistically I’d be more than thrilled to¬†achieve at least three. So far, I’m right on track with #2 and #5. The first goal is probably the¬†easiest goal to realize fast. So if you’re planning¬†your adventurous holiday trip to Africa, let me know if you’d like to¬†check our options.

Predictions for 2015 in technology

Now with all the above plans and goals, the future is primarily in my own hands.

Will it happen? That’s entirely up to me.

Life’s all about choices. And about priorities, which basically¬†are choices too. I’ve also chosen to experiment with predicting the future with¬†a broader scope. My picks¬†are¬†deliberately¬†wild for fun, albeit the first one with a dead serious undertone¬†since I worry about the sad dirty¬†geopolitical conflicts around our globe.

So without further ado,¬†my predictions for 2015 in technology …

My 10 predictions for 2015 in technology
  1. Cyber attacks on Brussel, Moscow and Washington DC will force politicians from all sides to end Cold War 2.0
  2. OnLive will (finally) revolutionize the gaming industry, paving the way for your streamed Desktop as a Service
  3. Nanobots will cure the first patient suffering from one of the¬†major diseases (Alzheimer’s, cancer or HIV/AIDS)
  4. Surface projection on walls, tables or even skin will gain traction as replacement of classic form factors
  5. Uber will mashup with three more online services besides Spotify (my guess: Yelp SeatMe, Netflix & Eventbrite)
  6. Lumia (Microsoft’s smartphone brand) will surpass 10% market share, eating up Google’s pie due to privacy issues
  7. Twitbook (Facebook and Twitter) will merge due to experiencing a massive user exit to social media alternatives
  8. Identity will be the next Bring Your Own wave; just log into any public device with your mobile ID sensor
  9. Netflix will be bought by internet giant Amazon or Google/YouTube for the all-time high price at $25B+
  10. Geeks will rule the world by the end of 2015 (I hope, see #1)

What wild things do you predict?


  1. Looks like my 4th prediction is gonna happen this year since five days after my post, this is what Microsoft announced today:

  2. My second prediction, about OnLive revolutionizing the gaming industry, got a twist early April when Sony acquired most of OnLive’s patents:

    Guess Sony’s reading my blog ūüėČ

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